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Quick Impressions of the Indianapolis Cultural Trail

For a thorough description of the trail, please see Ken Avidor’s great article here. I was visiting just for a few hours on my drive home from Washington D.C. My brief ride around, however, left a very strong impression. The first thing I noticed was that Indianapolis has a lot of wide one-way streets. This […]

Biking the Indianapolis Cultural Trail

My wife, Roberta, and I have been reading about the Indianapolis Cultural Trail since it was completed in 2013.  Last week, we rode Amtrak down to the capital of The Hoosier State to see for ourselves what all the excitement was about. After two days riding and walking the trail, we are happy to report […]

Grander Rounds

The implementation of Saint Paul’s Grand Round has only just begun, and even Minneapolis’ well established and beloved Grand Rounds is still missing a final segment. A pragmatic person might say that now is not the time to consider a metro-wide, bicycle ring road to serve as the cycling equivalent of I-694/494. But what if it largely […]

Sunday Summary – October 2, 2016

Happy October! Summer is really over now, leaves are turning (see the DNR guide to where the best color is right now), pumpkins are in the farmers markets, weather is cooler and we’re cruising for Halloween, the Sidewalk Holiday. We also hope you’ve noticed the return of the Events listing in the right-hand sidebar and linked […]

A Camino De Minnesota?

In some ways, Christianity and other faiths created the concept of tourism. They created sacred sites and encouraged their followers to make pilgrimage trips to visit them. This created the need for food, lodging, souvenirs, and various other goods and services that form the backbone of modern tourism. My wife recently got a small grant […]

Survey Results: Two-Thirds Use West River Parkway for Bicycling

Interim survey results released today by the Minneapolis Park Board regarding repair of West River Parkway show that 65% of respondents use the parkway for bicycling.  Concerns remain that the board hasn’t found a way to keep the bike trail on the 100 yard section open during this summer and fall’s construction. A mudslide closed […]

MN GOP Beware: Biking and Pedestrian Improvements Have Broad Appeal

Minnesota Republicans captured control of the Minnesota House of Representatives in part by fueling urban versus rural resentment: “Those metro-centric DFLers give everything to Minneapolis and St. Paul.” The truth is, turnout trends associated with non-presidential year elections were a much bigger reason why the DFL lost control of the Minnesota House. But this “core cities […]