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What Can Evie Do for You?

Evie is the first municipally-owned electric car share program in the country! To find out what it’s like to use the service and how it might fit into your life, we’re riding along with Madi Johnson on her first Evie trip. We’re also joined in the studio by James Vierling from HOURCAR to give more background about Evie.

Chart of the Day: Projected Decline of Individual Car Ownership

Here’s an eye-opening chart for your Thursday. It comes from a RethinkX (a think tank) report released earlier this Spring. The report is titled “Rethinking Transportation 2020-2030: the disruption of transportation and the collapse of the internal-combustion vehicle and oil industries.” The chart shows a projected shift away from individual car ownership and to something […]

Here To There Episode 6: FLEXIBILITY | car-sharing

This week, Here to There┬átakes on flexibility. Both users and providers benefit from flexible mobility solutions that adapt to changes in needs, schedules, weather, or, at a more macro level, demographics or resources. Flexibility is enhanced by choice in mobility options, and last year the Twin Cities lost one transportation option that many regarded as […]