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Chart of the Day: Comparing National Gas Taxes

Here’s a chart that’s been making the rounds on Twitter.  Compared to almost any other industrialized country, the US doesn’t tax gasoline. With prices at near historic lows, it’s a good time to think more carefully about that.  

Chart of the Day: Homeownership Over Even More Time

Bill Lindeke’s Chart of the Day from Thursday about changing homeownership rates shows what are indeed significant changes in the last decade in homeownership rates. For an even longer-term perspective, we can turn to IPUMS data from the American census. A question on homeownership has been asked in every census since 1900, with the exception […]

Encouraging Diversity (and Hot Dog Eating) on streets.mn

On the afternoon of Memorial Day a small group of streets.mn writers met in a sunny Minneapolis backyard to explore our ideas and concerns surrounding diversity and representation on streets.mn.  This holiday barbecue featured a great turnout of 10 writers, some loosely structured activities, and, of course, a veggie hot dog or two.  Hot dog […]

Chart of the Day – Energy Density v. Area Required

This rather obscure chart illustrates how space intensive different power sources are in relation to each other. The grey energy sources are renewable, while the white boxes are fossil fuels. Basically, it illustrates how much less dense many of the renewable energy options are compared to coal and oil. Not that they don’t also take […]