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Sunday Summary – June 9, 2019

Here’s the short summer Sunday Summary:   Fight Rolls On for Bike Infrastructure on South Cleveland by Brandon Long tells us about what could still happen in his Highland Park neighborhood, “Cleveland Avenue South is scheduled for a desperately needed mill and overlay this fall. Perfect opportunity to throw down some paint for a bike […]

Chart of the Day: Saint Paul Bike Traffic Before and After Bike Lanes

“There aren’t enough bikes here to justify a bike lane…” I hear some variation of that line with almost every bike project, no matter where it’s located. Especially for people that rarely ride bicycles, it can be a pretty convincing argument! But it’s not that simple. Bicycling is deeply connected to street design, and (as […]

Make Boulevards Great Again

With so much attention paid to buildings and streets and how they relate to each other, we must remember the boulevard is a very important piece of public infrastructure, requiring careful consideration and planning. I’ve observed some very good examples of boulevards that are appropriate for their urban context, and others that need some work. […]

Two Anti-Bike Lane Narratives that Need to Stop

So far, there aren’t a lot of obvious benefits to spending years of your life getting a PhD in geography and bicycle planning. You acquire a lot of debt, spend a lot of time alone in rooms reading and writing things that few people will ever care about, and generally end up thinking to yourself, “Why […]

St. Paul Dithers While Other Cities Move On

I woke to a very sad tweet this morning from Nate Hood that the Ramsey County Commissioners voted to stop waiting on St. Paul’s dithering and will move forward with re-doing Cleveland Avenue without any bicycle facilities. I’m sad about this on many levels. Level 1: Missed Potential First is that St. Paul has the […]

Sunday Summary – June 21, 2015

It is the Summer Solstice today (or will be at 11:39 am in streets.mn’s Central time zone) and Father’s Day, too. Before you gather firewood for your Solstice bonfire to ward off your particular urbanist demons or start your Father’s Day celebrations, take a look at the week on streets.mn: Beneficial bikelash A few weeks ago, […]

Bikeway Logic

Pioneer Press columnist and Garage Logic host Joe Soucheray desires to live in a Euphorian world of cars where little gumption is required to get anywhere. The problem is, that world defies logic. He thinks that losing nine parking spaces will create a crisis for soccer moms trying to find parking. But, uh, we don’t know that. Or […]