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Roadkill Bill – Using Cars Wisely

There has been a pause in my headlong rush to finish Book 2 0f Bicyclopolis. I have been drawing an illustrated map and poster for the extremely awesome Saint Paul Classical Music Crawl in Lowertown taking place October 10, 2015. In the meantime, here is another vintage Roadkill Bill comic exploring the effects of cars […]

Roadkill Bill – Fake Trolleys

The work on Bicyclopolis Book 2 continues day by day. In the meantime, streets.mn will present a different Roadkill Bill comic every Sunday. Click on the comic to make it bigger:

Roadkill Bill – The Sacrifice

The struggle to complete the Bicyclopolis saga continues unabated. In the interim, Streets.mn will reprise a colorized Roadkill Bill comic strip every Sunday. This week’s comic strip from 2001 serves to remind us just how far we’ve come in the intervening years to make streets safe for children and other living things.  Click on the comic to […]

The Return of Roadkill Bill

As Bicyclopolis Book II takes shape on my drawing table, there will be a brief intermission during which Streets.mn will reprise a colorized Roadkill Bill comic strip every Sunday. This week, Angerman returns to protest the expansion of a road. Click on the comic to make it bigger: