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Transformative Equitable Development: Securing Policy Change

Transformative equitable development focuses on changing the existing system and creating a new paradigm where equity, shared prosperity, and community wealth is the norm. It does this by lifting up the community as decisionmakers on development projects that impact their neighborhoods. Communities themselves decide where infrastructure investments should be allocated and the types of amenities that they expect to see so that as their communities are revitalized, they benefit from associated jobs and economic development.

Community Benefits Agreements and Community Compacts are two tools that residents can use to promote their vision of their neighborhoods with decision makers and developers. CBAs are legally enforceable contracts that hold developers to meeting certain goals in relation to their projects and can include employment, housing, and environmental justice goals that enhance the community’s livability. Community Compacts function similarly to a CBA but are voluntary and based on partnerships. Both tools give community members power in dictating how they want their neighborhoods to look like and can thus be effective tools in fighting against displacement, disinvestment, and further marginalization in the places they love.

Join the Alliance for the last session in our series, Transformative Equitable Development: Securing Lasting Change where presenters will share how community benefits agreements and community compacts can be further leveraged in the Twin Cities region.


Corcoran Neighborhood Development
Presenter: LisaBeth Barajas, Corcoran Neighborhood Organization Vice Chair

Equity Commitments
Presenters: Kenya McKnight, Black Women’s Wealth Alliance President
Owen Duckworth, Alliance for Metropolitan Stability Coalition Organizer

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