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Sylvan Sights Around a Cemetery

Factories once dominated where schools now stand in the Como and North End neighborhoods of St. Paul, where cemeteries still quietly showcase the city’s history. Our author leads readers on a tour by bike.

Is Ramsey County Stopping the Bike Plan Before it Starts?

A funny thing happened on the way to the Saint Paul bike utopia. As it turns out, the key streets where we need bike lanesĀ aren’t really controlled by the city. Try as they might, the Mayor, City Council, and the Public Works department can’t build safe bike infrastructure on its own, because almost all the […]

Saint Paul Bike to Work Week

National Bike to Work Week is coming up and, for once, Saint Paul has something to celebrate. We passed a bike plan back in March and already we have three potential bikeway projects up for public discussion. We’ve moved from having public meetings about plans (many of which never got implemented) to having meetings about […]