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What Does Greta Thunberg Want?

If you have a pulse, you can’t have missed the demonstrations that Swedish schoolgirl Greta Thunberg has been organizing around the world. Whether you call it Global Warming, Climate Change, or, lately, the Climate Emergency, our changing climate is what she is organizing schoolchildren globally to protest about on Fridays. Most people have a favorable […]

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Sunday Summary – April 14, 2019

Final Four? Check. April snowstorm? Check. Taxes filed? Check. Sunday Summary? Yup, here it is: Roads A History of Minnesota’s Interstates, Part Two by Monte Castleman, “is the second part of the history of Interstate Highways in Minnesota. Part One covered the early plans and conceptions of the interstate system, from the 1930s to the Interstate […]

Why You Should Oppose a Gas Tax Increase

There are many reasons to oppose Tim Walz’s proposed gas tax increase. When a DFL governor last tried to increase the gas tax in 2015, Charles Marohn of Strong Towns wrote two excellent pieces detailing all the ways that The Minnesota Department of Transportation’s road building policies are hurting Minnesota’s cities and towns, fueling suburbanization […]

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Chart of the Day: Gas Taxes Around the World

Via Barry Ritholz’s blog, here’s a chart showing the US Federal gas tax relative to other nations:   Ritholz cites US Chamber of Commerce pressure to increase the Federal gas tax, but also the Congressional dysfunction that makes such an increase unlikely. Here’s a quote from his conclusion: This may be a symptom of national […]

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The Gas Tax is Too Damn Low

The price of gasoline in the Twin Cities is very low right now, averaging $2.22 a gallon across the metro. Cheap gas is a short-term benefit to people who drive cars, but is horrible for just about everyone in the long term. Cheap gas incentivizes people to drive more miles, make more solo trips instead […]

Chart of the Day: Road Funding by Source

Via the Strong Towns Podcast, here’s a chart from a report called “Who Pays for Roads?” by a public policy think tank called The Frontier Group. Note that this shows all levels of government: Here’s what the report says about the chart: By the early 2010s, road user fees accounted for less than half of current highway […]

A Twin Cities Paving Moratorium

Last Wednesday (February 4)  I attended a public presentation by Ramsey County engineers for a proposed redesign of the Randolph and Lexington Avenue intersection. They are proposing to spend a million and a half dollars to purchase four properties on the northeast corner of the intersection and bulldoze them to make space for a dedicated […]

Chart of the Day: Gas Tax vs. Transit Fare Increases over Time

Another one from the Minnesota Center for Environmental Advocacy, comparing increases in the gas tax and transit fares for Metro Transit from 1988, the last time the gas tax was increased prior to 2000. It’s technically an “infographic”, I supose:  

Chart of the Day: Comparing National Gas Taxes

Here’s a chart that’s been making the rounds on Twitter.  Compared to almost any other industrialized country, the US doesn’t tax gasoline. With prices at near historic lows, it’s a good time to think more carefully about that.  

Chart of the Day: Road Funding Sources at Different Governmental Scales

This chart is taken out of this amazing new report from the Pew Charitable Trusts, called Intergovernmental Challenges in Surface Transportation Funding. The report covers the challenges that are facing governments around road and transit construction and maintenance, paying especial attention to the shifting relationships between Federal, state and local funding streams. For example, here are funding source […]