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How Saint Paul’s 8 80 Vitality Fellowship Spread a Vision of Equity, Prosperity & Fun

It’s a brilliantly blue winter day, and a happy crowd in downtown Saint Paul dispels the myth that Minnesotans hibernate from November to May. Smiles erupt as people sip hot chocolate, build a snowman, cluster in threes and fours for animated conversation, and gobble food truck burritos at café tables. A young woman hands out […]

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Gil Penalosa 8-80 Presentation in Saint Paul

Gil Penalosa discusses ways to create city infrastructure, streets and public spaces that function for all residents, whether you’re 8 or 80 years old.

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Public Spaces

The last in the series of four videos from the Knight Foundation featuring Gil Penalosa and his thoughts on public spaces as an essential piece to creating livable cities.

Ben Hamiton-Baillie, Shared Space and Lying Down in the Street

At CNU 22 in Buffalo last month, I met an Englishman during a pub crawl. He was a pleasant enough chap, but kept wandering in to the quiet streets of downtown Buffalo, as if to demonstrate how much space we waste in our cities by giving it over solely to cars. Little did I know this […]