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Sunday Summary – February 1, 2015

Welcome to February on streets.mn! No matter what Punxutawney Phil might say tomorrow, we’re confident there will be six more weeks of winter in Minnesota so you should spend a bit of time with a warm beverage and streets.mn before going outside. Asking questions department Three posts ask questions about the status quo in very different […]

The Beautiful Inconsistencies of a Grand Avenue

Gerber Jewelers is a small business situated on one of St. Paul’s most desirable streets and it’s trying to extend its storefront to the sidewalk. “Gerber Jewelers’ bid to extend the front of its building at 945 Grand Ave. to the sidewalk has been rebuffed. On a 7-0 vote … St. Paul City Council rejected […]

Reclaiming Grand Avenue

In considering how to make Cathedral/Summit/Crocus Hill a safe place for everyone to walk and ride bicycles we need to rebuild Grand Ave. Grand Ave has an 80’ right-of-way (building face to building face) and in most sections a 12’ sidewalk on each side resulting in 56’ curb-to-curb. There are a few critical elements that […]