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Cedar Lake Parkway Tomorrow (1)

A Tree Proposal Kenilworth Should Love

Hey, do you remember a couple of years ago when that budget-Pixar animation company made a feature-length adaptation of The Lorax? Only it watered down the message of one of Dr. Seuss’ most depressing and dire tales about the inevitable result of unadulterated greed into “You can still consume things, but make sure they’re #green!” […]

Luxton Park Sign

Luxton Park, Glendale Townhomes, and a Missing Link

About a year and a half ago, I walked around the Luxton Park area for the first time. The park itself wasn’t really kept up by the city including lots of trash and litter, and an almost unplayable soccer pitch combined with an unkept softball diamond. It certainly looks nicer now including the new playground. […]

Sunday Summary – November 13, 2016

Now that the election is over, streets.mn readers can consider how to get busy with the results and think about how to address transportation and land use issues with a Republican-controlled Minnesota legislature, the red shift in Washington, and whatever changes took place in your local units of government. As you think, why not write […]

Grander Rounds

The implementation of Saint Paul’s Grand Round has only just begun, and even Minneapolis’ well established and beloved Grand Rounds is still missing a final segment. A pragmatic person might say that now is not the time to consider a metro-wide, bicycle ring road to serve as the cycling equivalent of I-694/494. But what if it largely […]

Grand Rounds Branding & Design

The Minneapolis Grand Rounds Scenic Byway is easily one of my favorite urban amenities that makes Minneapolis a great place to live. According to the MPRB website, The Grand Rounds Scenic Byway System encompasses 4,662 acres of parkland, including 50 miles of parkways, 51 miles of walking trails, and 51 miles of biking trails. (Unrelated […]