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Map Monday: Minneapolis Home Values Minus Purchase Price

Here’s a fascinating map put together by Scott Shaffer for a new post on the blog of streets.mn Board alum Nick Magrino. It shows the current home values of homes in the city minus their purchase price, or as Magrino states “a rough way of estimating how much equity people have on top of whatever […]

Chart of the Day: Saint Paul Housing Cost vs. Income for Renters and Homeowners

There’s a wonderful new draft of a document called the “Housing Conditions and Trends Inventor, Needs Assessment, and Implementation Strategy” from the Saint Paul Planning and Economic Department that was released last week in conjunction with the draft Comprehensive Plan. It is chock full of housing data, including lots of information about the current state […]

Map Monday: US Black Homeownership Inequality

Here’s a maddening and entirely believable map from a think tank called the Urban Institute out of DC. It shows the size and scale of the gap in homeownership rates between African-Americans and whites in the US. As described by the report’s authors, “the dots’ color represents the magnitude of the disparity, and the dots’ […]