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A map of hennepin county shaded in pastel greens and purples

Does This Map Identify Systemic Bias in Property Valuation?

This editorial on disparities in property valuation in the New York Times is drawing attention and commentary, for good reason. The editorial finds nationwide, systemic valuation errors disproportionately affecting lower-value residential properties which shifts property-tax burdens towards those property-owners and away from higher-value residential property owners. Racial disparities in wealth and homeownership, and the persistent […]

Chart of the Day: The “Walkability Premium”

Via City Observatory, here’s a chart showing the so-called “walkability premium” for different US cities, defined as the correlation between increasing “walk score” and housing prices. Minneapolis and Saint Paul are at the very bottom (along with New York, weirdly). This is a strange list. Here’s how Joe Cortright describes walkability and home value in the original post: […]