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Sunday Summary – July 8, 2018

A somewhat light week on streets.mn thanks to the Independence Day holiday (click here to read or reread the Declaration of Independence; one excerpt tripped the Facebook acceptable content filtering…worth reading the Declaration past the first few oft-repeated paragraphs to see the demands made and how the language might get flagged by Facebook). In the […]

The Myth of the Scofflaw Cyclist

One of the things that drew me to the Twin Cities metro, and to St. Paul, is the cycling friendly community, and while St. Paul lags Minneapolis in many respects, it is still leagues ahead of most cities in this country and all the places I have lived. That being said, there is a virulent […]

A Modest Proposal for Better Minnesota Bike Legislation

After witnessing the howls of outrage and sighs of frustration (and maybe even chortles of suppressed glee?) related to some very poor proposed bike legislation introduced in Minnesota this Legislative session, I grabbed the fixie by the bullhorns and took a stab at modifying the core Statute of Minnesota bike law (Section 169.222) to reflect […]

The Rules of the Road

It can be hard to figure out what the hell you should be doing out there in the vast wilderness of traffic. People get angry about pretty much every behavior. Someone will get mad at you for following the law precisely, while someone else gets mad that you harmlessly break the law. Car-driving commenters love to rail about […]