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Kingfield3 12

Walking All the Streets of Southern King Field

Anyone who stuck with me through the first and second portions of the King Field neighborhood knows what is left: everything from approximately 43rd to 46th streets. The main loop (shown in blue) starts and ends at 46th Street West and Lyndale Avenue South. It is augmented by some back-and-forth spurs (shown in red) around the edges of the […]

Walking All the Streets of Central King Field

The day after my walk through the northern part of the King Field neighborhood, I was back for more. As on the first day, the route map’s main loop is shown in a mixture of blue and teal due to mapping issues. The A and B at the intersection of 38th and Grand are the start […]

Tc Trolley Mural

Walking All the Streets of Northern King Field

Yes, I know the neighborhood’s name is normally written “Kingfield” with no space. But I’m going to stubbornly stick with using names from some anonymous Minneapolis bureaucrat’s list, so “King Field” it is. Either way, it memorializes William S. King. As shown by the blue shading in the route map, the neighborhood occupies a rectangular portion […]

Single Lane On Nicollet

Businesses and Community Along Nicollet Open Streets Minneapolis

One thing I look forward to when going to Open Streets events is to look at local businesses and community involvement along the routes. Open Streets Minneapolis – Nicollet is amongst my favorite. On a single lane street that’s usually too dangerous for drivers to view anything other than the road, these local businesses are […]