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A New Vision Zero for St. Paul: Part 5 – Enforcement

Thus far in this series of ideas concerning the path that the city of St. Paul might take towards becoming a Vision Zero city that pays more than token lip-service to the idea, the first three of the “Five E’s” – Evaluation, Engineering, and Education – have provided a framework for studying the issues, re-designing […]

NoMi Love: Flowers for the Fourth Precinct

A few weeks ago while picking up flowers for some new neighbors, my son was insistent on my getting flowers and cookies for the police officers. He really wanted to give the police officers flowers and cookies because in his words, “they help us.” We live blocks away from the Minneapolis 4th Precinct. The precinct […]

Delivering Safety in Saint Paul’s Bike Lanes

This summer our car broke. It was old and tired and just decided it didn’t want to cart us around anymore. The good people at the American Diabetes Association came and towed it away for us, and we took to our bikes. Every morning, my 8-year-old son and I would bike from Prospect Park to […]

A License To Walk

Some people inside and outside the bicycling community believe that we should require cyclists to get licenses and/or register their bikes with the state. License and registration fees would help pay for bicycle infrastructure and ensure that all cyclists are adequately trained in correct riding techniques. Motorists like this idea because they think cyclists don’t […]