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Sunday Summary – January 3, 2016

Happy New Year!  We are still in the holiday lull here at streets.mn with even fewer new posts than last week. Fortunately, there’s much wonderful past content to add to this week’s conversation and I’ve linked a few posts which seemed to fit. 15 things I’ve Learned in 1500 Miles of Stroller Running is a listicle […]

Minnesota Needs More Ghost Towns

Cargill may be headquartered in Minnesota now, but it got its start 150 years ago in a small Iowa town. Conover was one of many prairie communities that sprang up as the railroads ventured westward. It was sketched out in 1864 as the McGregor Western Railroad moved into the area and incorporated in 1866. The town […]

Chart of the Day: Minneapolis Tax Levy vs. State LGA Funding

Here’s a (blurry) chart courtesy of Star Tribune reporter Eric Roper’s Twitter feed showing the relationship between Minneapolis’ property tax levy and state LGA funding. (This presumably comes from a powerpoint on the proposed budget): [Red line = state LGA funds; blue bars = total Minneapolis property tax levy.] There’s a discussion of it on Roper’s […]