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Stop Sign In The Snow

Walking All the Streets of Southern Lind-Bohanon

Early 20th-century industrial buildings, a convivial neighborhood bar, creekside trails, and a West-Indian grocery were some of the highlights when I returned to the Lind-Bohanon neighborhood for the third and final segment. As on my second visit, I was fortunate enough to catch one of those gloriously blue-skied days that happen with some regularity in winter; […]

Lindbohanon2 15

Walking All the Streets of Central Lind-Bohanon

Cheerier weather, a broader age range of development, and the inclusion of a commercial area differentiated this second visit to the Lind-Bohanon neighborhood from the prior, more northerly walk. Although this walk’s area overlaps with both that prior walk and the one yet to come, it avoids both the most northern and the most southern portions […]

Bryant Ave North Sidewalk

Walking All the Streets of Northern Lind-Bohanon

The Lind-Bohanon neighborhood is among the most northerly in Minneapolis and lies between Humboldt Avenue North and the Mississippi River, except that south of 48th Avenue North, it only extends as far east as Lyndale Avenue North. (The remaining strip between Lyndale and the river is part of the Camden Industrial Area.) On the route map, […]