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What’s In a Name: Frankman Place, A Rare Named Alley, Resurfaces Briefly as Snelling Yards Development Gains Key Approval

As the 210-unit Snelling Yards development nears construction, a rare named alley appeared on site plans and city documents, leading the author down a rabbit hole to investigate this anomaly and double down on the need to apply names to even the most mundane public assets.

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Walking All the Streets of Southeastern Longfellow

One eats first with one’s eyes. So I ate first (before walking even a single block) and did it with (but not only with) my eyes. And then I proceeded to keep on using my eyes as I wound my way through the remaining corner of the Longfellow neighborhood, everything south of my first walk and east […]

Mpls Ice Cream Shop

Walking All the Streets of Southwestern Longfellow

I already remarked that the Longfellow neighborhood is diverse, encompassing residences and industry, art and history, churches and schools, food and drink, and much else—signs on utility poles, for instance. So it came as no surprise that I saw some of those same elements south of Lake Street too. But diversity being what it is, this walk […]

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Walking All the Streets of Northern Longfellow

No collection of words and photos can capture an entire walk, but Minneapolis’s Longfellow neighborhood is particularly resistant to encapsulation. It features a diverse mixture of land uses: residential, commercial, industrial, institutional, and recreational. Large buildings and quirky little details. Artworks and functional structures. All very lived-in, seemingly with no two of anything alike. My […]

South Minneapolis Fence

Walking All of the Streets of Eastern Howe

A glorious spring day made for an enjoyable walk through the eastern part of the Howe neighborhood, including the Mississippi River bluff. Indeed, I enjoyed the walk so much that I didn’t take as many photos as usual. Perhaps that’s just as well. Regular readers will already have seen quite a bit of the neighborhood […]

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Walking All the Streets of North Central Howe

A neighborhood’s residential core often houses its educational institutions as well. Having toured western Howe’s industrial and retail districts on my first and second days in the neighborhood, I was squarely in the residential core on this third visit. And sure enough, my path wound its way around two schools and a recreation center. I also encountered an innovative business where […]

Minneapolis Grain Elevator

Walking All the Streets of Northwestern Howe

Industry and arts, community and commerce were again much in evidence in the Howe neighborhood—and signs of spring, even more pronounced that on my first visit five days earlier. Having stayed south of 38th Street East on that prior visit, I did the reverse this time. To keep the walk manageable, I took 36th Avenue South as […]

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Walking All the Streets of Southwestern Howe

Like the Hiawatha neighborhood to its south, the Howe neighborhood ranges from rail-side grain elevators on the west to the Mississippi River gorge on the east. As shown by the blue tint in the route map, from north to south it spans from 34th to 40th Street East. My route for the first day started and ended […]

Minneapolis Veterans Home

Walking All the Streets of Hiawatha‘s Minnehaha Falls Area

Minnehaha Regional Park is well known; the adjacent Veterans Home ought to be as well. Both are in the southernmost part of the Hiawatha neighorhood, where Minnehaha Creek flows into the Mississippi River. Like the rest of the neighborhood, they lie between Hiawatha Avenue and the river. Unlike my first three walks, they lie south of Nawadaha Boulevard. However, this final […]