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Chart of the Day: MSP Non-Minnesotan Domestic Migration, 1991-2016

Here’s a chart from, Aaron Renn, an urban economic consultant who has been critical the Twin Cities for some time now as not being attractive enough to national movers and shakers. In his recent blogpost, he writes about how domestic in-migration to the metro area is up slightly, but why he does not think much […]

Map Monday: US States by Migration Patterns

Here’s a map that divides US states into four categories according to whether or not people are moving in or out of the state, and where those people are coming from. Via Alex Bauman on Twitter¬†and the great state of Oregon, you can see that Minnesota turns out to be an “insular” state, along with […]

Chart of the Day: Global Migration Between Continents

Zooming out a bit from streets.mn’s typical scale of concern, here’s a beaut of a chart depicting global migration patterns: Here’s a bit about how to read the chart, from the website¬†http://www.global-migration.info/ that published it. You can click over to the site to see longitudinal data and to explore the chart in detail.