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Road closed signs

Let’s Put Gates on the Minneapolis Parkways

The Covid-19 pandemic has given many of America’s governments—local, state, and federal—an opportunity to fail spectacularly at basic governing. A virus which has been contained in many European, Asian, and South Pacific countries within a couple of months rages on in the United States. One government that has done a decent (not perfect) job with […]

Proposed plan includes new water feature and ramps to address grade changes. Credit: MPRB

The Park Board’s Vision for Gateway Park

Recently, I met with Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board District 4 Commissioner Jono Cowgill across the street from Gateway Park to chat about the current state and future of the park. Welcome to Gateway Park 🦖 Gateway Park is a plaza located at the intersection of Hennepin Ave and S 1st St and is bordered […]

Sunday Summary – April 8, 2018

Of course, last week was April Fools’ Day, but the Summary preceded the joke. Here’s the streets.mn Foolish offering from Bill Lindeke adding yet another hazard to the SWLRT process: Endangered Kenilworth Shark Another Hurdle for Light Rail Planners.   Housing How Many Homes Does Minneapolis Need? asks Anton Schieffer. Looking beyond the discussions of building affordable housing, […]

Racism’s Effects on Minneapolis’s Parks

To quote law professor and recent mayoral candidate Nekima Levy-Pounds, Minneapolis has “the best parks system for white people.” To some, the implication that Minneapolis parks do not adequately serve people of color may sound like a surprising claim for a city whose identity is based in part around its lakes and green spaces, and […]

The Park Board is Failing Pedestrians

Almost two and a half years ago, I wrote this post about how the intersection of Cedar Avenue and Minnehaha Parkway is full of obstacles for people walking and rolling through in wheelchair, on a mobility device or on a bike. The first point of this new post is to point out that exactly nothing […]

Super Bowl Bid Bust: Why Are We Destroying The Yard With The Pole Building?

You may have seen the artist renderings.  The drawings lay out a vision for The Yard, the planned four-acre urban park adjacent to the mammoth new Vikings Stadium.  In the winter versions, the park is shown populated by happy, hearty Minnesota families  skating, admiring ice sculptures, making snow angels and generally laughing in the face […]