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Racism in our Hometown: The Story of the Arthur and Edith Lee Family in Minneapolis

The multi-media puppet show introduces the Lee Family in the years following WWI. Arthur Lee was an African American, WWI veteran who worked at the Minneapolis Post Office, and moved into an all-white neighborhood. His union coworkers, a majority of whom was white, protected his family when police failed to defend the family against the racist mobs that numbered around 3,000 and tried to force him from his home. The puppet show emphasizes the significance of the Lee family’s courageous struggle and its enduring inspiration in the Twin Cities.

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What the Heck is CLIC?

CLIC stands for Capital Long-Range Improvement Committee. CLIC is made up of 33 resident representatives appointed by City Council Members (two per ward) and the Mayor (seven at-large members). The job of CLIC is to review projects brought to us by City of Minneapolis departments as part of the City’s five-year capital budget, and to then […]

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New Minneapolis Housing Projects Head to Planning Commission – April 2017

There’s a handful of housing projects coming up on the April 13, 2017 Minneapolis Planning Commission Committee of the Whole Agenda. I’m primarily writing this because every time people hear about new housing being built, there are often groans of “Ugh, it’s always more bro/luxury apartments.” It’s not really true, so I wanted to highlight these projects. So here’s a […]

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Downtown Needs Bathrooms

Everyone needs to pee. This is an observation so obvious that it shouldn’t need to be stated. Yet it seems it’s not an observation that has made its way into our urban planning. It’s really a simple equation. People need to pee – no public bathrooms = peeing in public (or worse). Much of the […]

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Pedestrian Priorities Panel (Member Event)

Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition is hosting an event for Coalition Members about our Pedestrian Priorities and work! Members have supported our work for years and have given us the ability to do work around Pedestrian Advocacy. If you want to learn more about pedestrian work, advocacy, and our priorities, this is the event for you!

Members receive great benefits in bicycle benefits membership, discounts to other businesses, and exclusive access to special events (like this one!)

On the panel:
-Julia Curran, Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition Board member and City of Minneapolis Pedestrian Advisory Committee member
-Mary McGovern, Chair, High Rise Council of the Minneapolis Public Housing Authority and their Active Living Committee
-Kenya McKnight, transportation and equity consultant and advocate and member of the Transportation Advisory Board

If you aren’t a member, never fear, you can sign up at the door of the event or sign up here today: http://www.mplsbike.org/become_a_member

We will be in the back room of Republic Seven Corners. Happy Hour runs until 6pm, so hurry on over and grab your Happy Hour specials before the panel starts!

Streets.mn is a non-profit and is volunteer run. We rely on your support to keep the servers running. If you value what you read, please consider becoming a member.

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The Long Road to Light Rail in the Twin Cities

From the first expression of interest to the actual hauling of passengers, the gestation period for light rail transit in Minneapolis/Saint Paul turned out to be 44 years. When the Twin Cities Metropolitan Transit Commission (MTC) was created in 1967, the prevailing vision for rail transit was what we now call “heavy rail”, completely grade […]

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