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Highway 61 and Main Street North Branch, 1950s, looking east

Along Old Highway 61 to Duluth, A Phototour, Part Two

This is Part Two of a phototour of Old Highway 61 to Duluth. Previously we covered St. Paul to White Bear Lake, now we continue north at Forest Lake. Forest Lake Early on the cutoff to where the road from Minneapolis met the road from St. Paul to Duluth moved from White Bear Lake to […]

Ramsey County Highway 49 is Killing Rice Street

For more than a year, Ramsey County has been conducting a study to determine the best plan for the future of Rice Street–or, as Ramsey County highway engineers like to call it, Ramsey County Highway 49. We’ve had meetings, meetings, and still more meetings. At every turn the divides in the neighborhood seem to get […]

The Trunk Highway System layout in Minneapolis and St. Paul, 1920s

A History of Minnesota’s Highways Part Two

Previously this series covered federal and private involvement in Minnesota’s highways from the pioneer days into the 1920s. Now it’s time to cover the involvement of the state. As early as 1890 there was state involvement in highways, with the state contributing funds towards the Old Cedar and Bloomington Ferry Bridges. A 1898 constitutional amendment allowed […]

Almost Killed – Twice

What direction do you suppose the drivers in the green Kia and dark plum taxi above are looking (and encouraged to look based on road design)? As almost everywhere in the US, they are legally allowed to turn right on red. They are likely in at least somewhat of a hurry and would prefer to […]

Seems Worth Thinking About This Expo 2023 Thing

Earlier this year, Minnesota was chosen as one of three finalists in the bidding to host Expo 2023. Every five years, some city hosts a World’s Fair, and sometime in between those five year events is a smaller expo. That’s what Minnesota is bidding to host. The other finalists are Buenos Aires, Argentina, and Łódź, […]

The Stillwater Bridge Story, Part Five

To Build a Bridge Several years ago, I wrote a four part series about the story of the Stillwater Bridge across the St. Croix River. Part 1 covered the  project from 1950s promises to build a high bridge and get traffic well away from downtown up to the point the original iteration of the 1980s proposal was […]

HF499: An Email Exchange with Duane Quam

A lot of ink has been spilled over state Representative Duane Quam’s proposed bill HF499 requiring “urban bicycle lane permits” in order to ride in a bike lane. The full text of the bill can be found here. Lots of people in the cycling community wrote, called or met with him. Many wrote columns, blog […]