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Chart of the Day: Percentage of People Near Frequent Transit

There’s a very cool new report out from the Institute for Transportation & Development Policy titled “Indicators for Sustainable Mobility.” The study attempts to boil down what makes a transit-friendly city into a few simple measures, attempting to solve what they call the “black box” problem of many transit metrics. The study looks at Minneapolis […]

Chart of the Day: Mode Share for Select Cold Weather Cities

Via Kevin Gallatin’s Twitter feed, here’s a chart that shows some different “cold weather” cities and their commuting mode-share. Voila: Gallatin plopped the Ford site targets and Highland, Saint Paul status quo into the chart to compare it with similar places around the world. He writes that “some say the Ford Site plan has unrealistic […]

Chart of the Day: Shopkeepers Travel Mode Share Estimates (Bristol UK)

Alex Schieferdecker turned me onto an old Citylab article about parking perception versus parking reality called Four Reasons Retailers Don’t Need Free Parking. It cites a (hard to find) study out of the UK which charted perceived mode-share versus actual mode share for a shopping street in Bristol, UK (a medium-sized city in the Southwest, population 450K). Here’s the chart […]

Chart of the Day: Commute Mode vs. Happiness

Here’s a compelling chart, from a Canadian study, that attempts to measure the vague notion of “happiness” and/or “satisfaction.” Check out the different commute modes: This shouldn’t be rocket science to anyone who spends much time stuck in traffic on the freeway. Here’s what Citylab had to say: The first thing that’s clear is that, […]