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Nice Ride Bikes

Nice Ride Gives Membership Extensions Following Setbacks

On Monday, June 10, Nice Ride sent an email to members with two statements addressing its recent setbacks with dockless hubs and electric bikes. In compensation for the missed expectations, Nice Ride extended yearly memberships by 45 days. In the first statement, Nice Ride implied that the rollout of its dockless hubs was delayed because […]

Nice Ride Docked Manual Media Photo

Nice Ride Leaves St. Paul as Market for Scooters Heats Up

On April 2, Nice Ride sent an email to members announcing the start of the riding season April 15 (now April 22, Earth Day, due to weather). In the email, the transportation network nonprofit shared that it was leaving the St. Paul market after nearly a decade on the streets of the capital city. St. […]

Cities Should Take the Lead on Dockless Bike Sharing

Back in September, I attended a Nice Ride forum on “the future of bike share” in the Twin Cities. The event was of interest for a few reasons. First, I believe in bike share. We all benefit when more people to choose more often to ride a bike instead of drive a single occupant vehicle. […]