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The Five Best Bus Films of All Time

Nobody makes bus movies. As we all know, buses aren’t sexy, not like streetcars, trains, planes, or cars. Buses are mundane, banal, impersonal, and claustrophobic. If you want to make a sweeping dramatic film, they’re terrible settings, like a submarine without any of the high-pressure stakes. That’s why there are a hundred train films for […]

Watch Mr. Blandings’ Dream House 5/21, with Discussion After the Film

Next week, join streets.mn for the first ever “Night at the Movies.” The peerless Trylon Cinema in South Minneapolis is showing an absolute classic film about US suburbia — Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House — and we’re hosting a film and discussion evening. If you’re not familiar with this landmark film, it’s a 1948 […]

Loralei Gilmore walking in Stars Hollow on Gilmore Girls

Share Your Favorite On-Screen Walking Scenes

As the mercury dips, my appetite for screen time increases. With the recent release of Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life on Netflix, I decided to go back in time to watch the original series. The first 30 seconds of “Pilot” is the lead character, Loralei Gilmore walking along the Main Street of the fictional town, Stars […]