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Chart of the Day: National Bike Share Ridership Growth, 2010 – 17

Here’s a chart from a recent report from NACTO (nat’l assn. of city transp. officials) showing trends in bike share ridership. As you can see, bike share is up up up! (h/t to streetsblog for the link): The caveat is that everything seems to be changing. As you are probably aware, Nice Ride is moving […]

A New Vision Zero for St. Paul: Part 3 – Engineering

Part two of “A New Vision Zero for St. Paul” was about the first of the “Five E’s”: Evaluation, which very quickly led to rudimentary Engineering solutions simply to gather data and attain target goals for a transportation plan. Engineering is the second of the “Five E’s”, and often the most contentious, as it often controls […]

Five Ideas to Help Fund Minneapolis Street Reconstructions

Over at the Star Tribune, Steve Brandt did a great job covering the looming Minneapolis residential street reconstruction funding crisis. I’m grateful for the coverage, since the city’s presentation on the matter is a little light on narrative, and not everyone can attend city council meetings to hear the details and political opinions. In a […]

Chart of the Day: Lane Width vs. Speed on Suburban Streets

Arterial lane width is a topic that comes up a lot lately as cities are moving toward shrinking car lanes and adding bike lanes, sidewalks, or bumpouts on dangerous arterial roads. As that’s been happening in Saint Paul, I’ve encountered many people questioning whether 11′  lanes are safe. “How can buses pass each other?” or “I […]

Let’s Legalize Slow Streets

Every month or two, my wife and I visit her parents in Appleton, Wisconsin. It’s a nice college town with a strong bar scene set on the beautiful Fox River. Their downtown shares many characteristics of the busier stretches of Grand Avenue in St. Paul, except for the speed limit: in downtown Appleton, it’s 25 […]