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Park Shelter North Minneapolis

Walking All the Streets of Northeastern Jordan

Jordan is a mid-sized neighborhood, about 25 miles of walking, and I had already toured the western and southeastern thirds. One more segment let me see the rest of the places where folks live, study, work, and enjoy nature. I began at the corner of Fremont and Lowry Avenues North and wound my way back to that point as […]

Mpls Sidewalk Jordan

Walking All the Streets of Southeastern Jordan

My first day in the Jordan neighborhood featured churches, food, public art, a community garden, and a slipform paving machine. Spoiler alert: this time there was no slipform paving machine. My route began at the southeastern corner of the neighborhood, the intersection of Emerson Avenue North and West Broadway Avenue. A chain-link fence surrounded a big […]

Triangle Intersection Minneapolis

Walking All the Streets of Western Jordan

The Jordan neighborhood in Minneapolis’s Near North community forms a herniated right triangle thanks to the role of West Broadway Avenue as its southwestern border. In the route map, the light blue tint indicates the full extent of the neighborhood. My first day’s walk was restricted to the western tip of the triangle. The darker […]

North Minneapolis Street Shops

Walking All the Streets of Western Hawthorne

Farview Park is the central feature of Minneapolis’s Hawthorne neighborhood, and fittingly enough, I visited it on all three days’ walks. On the first day, I cut through its northern tier and southeastern corner. On the second day, I started and ended at its southwest corner, but without entering the park itself. This time, I again started and […]

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Walking All the Streets of South(east)ern Hawthorne

Having previously walked everything north of 26th Avenue North and east of Lyndale Avenue North, I thought I’d analogously walk the southeast corner and then the remaining strip west of Lyndale. But that turned out to be a rather uneven division of the mileage, so I added some of the west-of-Lyndale portion to the southeastern portion. I’m […]

Minneapolis Stone Homes

Walking All the Streets of Northeastern Hawthorne

Interstate 94 divided the Hawthorne Neighborhood in North Minneapolis into two quite different areas: a primarily industrial strip along the river and a primarily residential area west of the freeway extending as far as Emerson Avenue. Logically, it might make sense to walk the industrial area on one day and the residential on two others. […]

Walking All the Streets of Eastern Harrison

Unlike the largely residential western half of Harrison, the eastern half of the neighborhood includes a substantial proportion of warehousing and light industry. But really it has a bit of everything, making for an interesting walk. Looking at the route map, you can see that the longest of the red forward-and-back spurs protrudes well beyond the […]

Walking All the Streets of Western Harrison

The Harrison neighborhood in Minneapolis’s Near North community is shown with light blue tint in the route map. My route for the first day started at the intersection of Glenwood and Morgan Avenues (point A) and ended three blocks north of there at Olson Memorial Highway and Morgan Avenue (point B). How could I end […]