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Nice Ride, the Green Line, and the Griggs Bikeway

Note: This post is part of the streets.mn/Nice Ride crowdsource conversation, a series of crowdsourced looks at how to expand or improve Nice Ride planning.Check out the rest here.   I live in the Lexington-Hamline neighborhood of Saint Paul, which stretches from University Avenue south to Summit Avenue between Hamline Avenue and Lexington Parkway. When Nice […]

Nice Ride Riders Like Nice Weather

Note: This post is part of the streets.mn/Nice Ride crowdsource conversation, a series of crowdsourced looks at how to expand or improve Nice Ride planning. Check out the rest here.   Bike ride systems around the world experience seasonable variability [1].  For 2014, the Twin Cities Nice Ride system saw an average daily ridership of 611 rides […]

Map Monday: Minneapolis Bicycling / Nice Ride Ridership Mashup

Here’s an idea I had as part of the conversation during the Nice Ride crowdsource kickoff meeting. What would an existing bicycle ridership map look like superimposed over a Nice Ride station map? Here are the two maps I was using. The first is from a Federal study showing a ridership model (based on bike counts from […]

Seven Things You Need To Know About Nice Ride

“Bike share is pretty new, and there are a whole lot of things about Nice Ride that aren’t really solved yet.” – Bill Dossett   You might have noticed that streets.mn and Nice Ride Minnesota are trying something new: getting ideas from you, the interested public, about how best to plan our metro’s innovative bike sharing system. We […]

Chart of the Day: Nice Ride MN Total Trips by Year

Note: I’ll be putting up charts and graphs about Nice Ride all week long, as part of our ongoing Crowdsource Bike Share Planning efforts. If you’d like to participate in this project, and earn a free Nice Ride membership and some Nice Ride MN swag. If interested, please email me at blindeke@gmail.com and/or read this post. Here’s […]

Map Monday: Real Time Nice Ride MN Station Usage

OK, there’s an amazing bike share data website made by a British geographer and data visualization expert named Oliver O’Brien, that has real time information showing bike share dock availability for dozens of bike share programs all over the world. Here’s the snap shot of Nice Ride MN dock usage as of a few minutes ago: […]

Nicollet Bike Party

Transit + Bike Share = Freedom

All of a sudden: bikes everywhere. Bikes on bikes on bikes. Bikes on the beaches, bikes on the landing grounds, bikes in the fields and in the streets, bikes in the hills. there are waaay more cyclists compared to a few years ago. Every light cycle on Nicollet is like this pic.twitter.com/d3UNUHyehE — Nick Magrino […]

Open Streets Minneapolis – Sustainable Transportation, Seward Businesses and Even Cute Dogs

Well, the Open Streets Minneapolis Franklin Avenue event was certainly a success. It was filled with local produce, Seward businesses, bicyclists, pedestrians, Nice Rides, concessionaires, cute dogs, a puppet show and even a player piano. Rain did clear some people out but that didn’t happen until well over 4 hours into it. One thing I […]