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my bike is laying on its side near a tree, taking a nap.

My First Bikepacking Trip! Part 2 of 3

Here is Part 1 in the series.   We took the first Northstar headed out of town, at the crack of 11 am. We just barely made it to the platform in time: I had to rearrange some of my pack, and it took us a couple tries to find how to get down to the station from […]

My bike, all packed up!

My First Bikepacking Trip! Part 1 of 3

We were looking for a camping trip to take over Memorial Day weekend, one that could get us into the woods and out of the city. Ideally, one that would put us a fair distance away from anyone else at all. But, we didn’t want to rent a car just to park it for a […]

Sunday Summary – February 28, 2016

Almost Leap Day!  More important – almost March 1 and Caucus Day (find your caucus here)!  Why caucus? Engaged, knowledgeable people like streets.mn readers can help build party platforms and elect candidates who will do good things for transportation and land use from the local level on up. Caucuses are also a great place to […]

Transit Oriented Sprawl in Sherburne County

Sherburne County lies between the two metropolitan areas of St. Cloud and the Twin Cities. Highway 10 will take you directly from St. Paul to St. Cloud, passing through Elk River, Big Lake, Becker and Clear Lake. US Census data indicates that the county’s population more than doubled between 1990 and 2010, from roughly 42,000 […]

seattle 2009

Seattle-Area Transit Vs. Twin Cities Transit

I’ve always been intrigued by the Seattle transit system, mostly because when I lived out there in the 90’s it was more minimal than it is today. It’s really interesting to see how it has grown. As far as bus service, both of the Twin Cites and Seattle areas do very well. They’re both very […]