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Hennepin County to Restripe Park and Portland to Restore Bike Lanes

In an email sent Friday morning, June 21, Hennepin County announced it would be restriping lanes of Park Avenue South (County Road 33) and Portland Avenue South (County Road 35) to restore the buffered bike lanes present before the 35@94 freeway project began. Pine Salica reported in streets.mn last year on restriping Park and Portland […]

Lime Scooters At Gateway Park May 23 2019

Sunday Summary – June 2, 2019

We’re past Memorial Day, the unofficial start of summer, and time for scooters, picnics (stay tuned for announcements of the annual streets.mn picnic), parks, and more. It was another light week on streets.mn as summer gets underway, but here’s last week’s haul: Scooter public service announcement Conrad Zbikowski reviews the state of scooters in Minneapolis […]

Park and Portland Restriping

Park and Portland, as you may have heard, are in the process of being restriped to add a peak-hours-only transit lane between Lake St and 14th St. This isn’t covered in the web presence for the $239 million project, but it is happening. At the time I’m writing this, Park has been restriped, and Portland […]

Joyful Bike Commuting

Last fall, my wife and I decided to move away from our downtown condo and bought a house in South Minneapolis. This was kind of a big deal for me, as I always viewed being able to walk to work as an important part of my physical and psychological well-being. Indeed, I bought a condo downtown […]