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Parking meter in Uptown

Big Ideas to Bolster Car-Commuter Safety

Citing increasing crime on and near car storage sites in the Twin Cities, an urban Minnesota blog post writer plans to introduce several safety proposals that deserve serious consideration. Pine Salica, a leading voice on transportation issues, plans to ask a legislator to introduce their proposal during the 2020 session. Salica told a writer that […]

Saint Paul’s New Meter Hours

Saint Paul has extended the hours of enforcement on its downtown parking meters starting this week, and already I have seen results which made me gleeful. The City Council had an event at the Ordway Theater. Being the horrible urbanist that I am, I drove myself, and no one else, to the event and began […]

Sunday Summary – October 25, 2015

We do have Official Business to do here at streets.mn and the board elected new officers yesterday which is the official business being announced. Read the post to find out who we are, but also where streets.mn started and how it’s grown. We hope we grow even more, but we need your assistance by writing, becoming […]

Transportation and the Status Quo in Saint Paul

By now, you have read about the meeting in Saint Paul where an unruly crowd of citizens booed and shouted at public officials and experts about parking meters. Yes, parking meters. I have also been reading comments on social media that express amazement that people can get so worked up about minor changes to transportation […]

We Read the Parking Meter Comments, So You Don’t Have To

When controversy happens… when tempers flare…we read the comments, so you don’t have to. This week, there was a contentious meeting in St. Paul concerning proposals to implement parking meters on Grand Avenue. The meeting was “heated,” to use the words of the Pioneer Press. It featured a crowd willing to heckle those speaking. Will […]

Parking meter in Uptown

Parking Meters Will Work for Grand Avenue

When my wife and I moved back to the Midwest after nearly a decade on the West Coast, we chose Grand Avenue. We chose it for a number of reasons, but first and foremost was the walkability. We didn’t own a car during our eight years in San Francisco, and we became accustomed to the […]