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Walking All the Streets of Western Midtown Phillips

A glance at the map shows that Midtown Phillips is quite different west of 12th Avenue South than east of that line, where I previously walked. Instead of a dense street grid accommodating primarily small-scale residences, the western half features larger spaces holding two hospitals, a park, a school, and a major mixed-use complex of offices, […]

Walking All the Streets in East Phillips

I walk the streets of Minneapolis in order to pay attention. Our city is as segregated in its patterns of attention as of residence. There are the neighborhoods we know, and there are the neighborhoods that we know of. A visit is no substitute for living somewhere, but even a visit, if conducted with deliberately open […]

26th and 28th Street Changes Are About Safety For All

This past Saturday there was a bike lane protest that included “Nazi Lane” and “Mafia Lane” signs. Such rhetoric is disturbing, offensive, and trivializes the very real negative impact of white supremacy. Never do it. That protest was against recent changes to 26th and 28th Streets in Whittier and Uptown. Thankfully there was also a bike […]