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Map Monday: Visualizing Twin Cities Sprawl, Density, and Change

Like many of the maps I find I came across a webpage via Twitter, hat tip to @stateofthecity. The webpage takes data¬†from the Global Human Settlement Layer and runs it onto Google Maps. This is the result, Human Terrain¬†by Matt Daniels (@matthew_daniels). I immediately panned to tool over to Minnesota and geeked out. Something I […]

Midwest Metro Growth Chart Cu

Chart of the Day: Population Growth in Largest Midwestern Metros

Bloomberg carried a chart-laden article recently, written by Justin Fox, showing the disparate population growth rates in Northeastern and Midwestern cities. It charts the differences in growth rate distribution along the coasts, where three large metro areas are generating nearly all the population growth, and in the Midwest, where growth rates are more evenly distributed. […]

Map Monday: Population Growth in Minnesota Counties

As a follow-up to Friday’s Chart of the Day showing a scatterplot of Minnesota population change versus population level, here is a map showing that population change spatially (i.e. geographically): As discussed in the Friday thread, the largest counties in the state tended to grow while the smallest counties tended to shrink. While the largest […]

Chart of the Day: Population Growth in Minnesota Counties

Here’s some just-released census data. Scott Shaffer made this lovely chart breaking down population change in Minnesota’s 87 unique and individual counties. Here you go: Here’s what Shaffer says about it: I made a chart showing the relation between the rate of population growth for each county and the population of each county in 2010. […]