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Chart of the Day: Minnesota Population via Sankey

Here’s a beautiful chart for you, from a Reddit thread I once happened across. It’s a “Sankey diagram” showing the population of the state broken up by type of city / region / type of urban or rural environment. Check it out: It’s both beautiful and informative! Thanks to Reddit user aphid43 for making it. If […]

Chart of the Day: Visualizing Our Backlog of Home Building

Many people have observed on this site and others that we’re not building enough housing in the United States, and that this has a significant impact on affordability. Housing lasts for a long time if properly looked after, so if the population and people’s household arrangements don’t change, we don’t need to build much housing. Neither […]

Chart of the Day: Minneapolis and Saint Paul Populations as Percent of their Peak

Via erstwhile gadfly David Brauer, here’s an interesting chart. The 2016 census population estimates came out last week and sparked an interesting conversation on Twitter this week. Here’s the original population chart, via former streets.mn board member / forum founder Nick Magrino: (He got the chart from a recently released Met Council report…) Following the chart […]

Map Monday: 7-County Metro Population in Thirds

Daniel Kay Hertz of City Observatory recently shared this map of the Chicago metro area divided into equal thirds, each containing roughly 3 million people. Since I was curious how that would look for Minneapolis St. Paul, I set off to find some data. To create the map below, I needed Census tracts with population and geographic boundaries of cities and […]

Chart of the Day: Duluth Population over Time

Here’s a chart from Perfect Duluth Day, my favorite website about the Zenith City, showing the population from 1860 to the most recent census:   Even more than the Twin Cities, Duluth was a real boom town. It’s crazy to imagine what living there must have been like when the population was growing exponentially. The population peaked in […]

Map Monday: Minnesota Population Cartogram

David Montgomery at the Pioneer Press has a great piece up today demonstrating the difference between a “regular” map projection and a cartogram when it comes to representing population and political balance. Here are his two maps of the state’s legislative senate districts, along with one that I added showing the core city senate districts: […]