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Joyful Bike Commuting

Last fall, my wife and I decided to move away from our downtown condo and bought a house in South Minneapolis. This was kind of a big deal for me, as I always viewed being able to walk to work as an important part of my physical and psychological well-being. Indeed, I bought a condo downtown […]

Southside Greenway Inches Closer to Reality

Minneapolis has a number of great trails and on-street bikeways, but it currently lacks a direct and safe north-south route through the city for bikes and pedestrians. For the past few months, a local group of community members, nonprofits, and neighborhood associations have been discussing the possibility of building that north-south connection in the form […]

9th Street Protected Lanes: Not Dead Yet

This week, 9th Street South was repaved and its lanes were painted, including a mildly buffered bike lane. Obviously, it was a disappointment to many bike advocates that the new lanes are not protected. I covered this extensively in a previous article, lamenting the fact that, if this project went forward without protected lanes, we would have […]

Hiawatha Trail and Green Line

Supposed Safety Measures Test My Patience

Green Line signal timing and Green Line safety – especially for human-powered and potentially impatient users – are old news on streets.mn. Today, I point out an as-yet unmentioned crossing design that is begging for trouble. I regularly observe the Green Line crossing of the Hiawatha bike trail as part of my daily commute. When I end up […]

Sunday Summary – May 17, 2015

Here in Minnesota, we are holding our breath for another 24 hours or so, The state legislature must conclude its session by midnight tomorrow, May 18 and although the DFL-controlled Senate and Republican House have reached agreements on many issues, a transportation bill is not (yet?) one of them. We hope legislators (or their staff) are […]

Chart of the Day: Sidewalk Biking and Protected Lanes

Here’s an interesting chart from People for Bikes that brings together some research on how protected bike lanes affect “sidewalk riding” in a few cities. It’s important to keep this in mind, that a good bike project isn’t just about bicyclists, but also about improving the pedestrian and sidewalk experience. Nobody on foot or on […]