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Lowryhilleast2 13

Walking All the Streets of Lowry Hill East, Day 2

Public art was a larger part of what I photographed this day compared with my first day walking the Lowry Hill East (Wedge) neighborhood. That was just a coincidental result of the route, which was planned with the mundane purpose of filling in the blocks I had previously omitted, aside from a couple that were closed […]

Tc Trolley Mural

Walking All the Streets of Northern King Field

Yes, I know the neighborhood’s name is normally written “Kingfield” with no space. But I’m going to stubbornly stick with using names from some anonymous Minneapolis bureaucrat’s list, so “King Field” it is. Either way, it memorializes William S. King. As shown by the blue shading in the route map, the neighborhood occupies a rectangular portion […]

Walking All the Streets of Southern Hale

Previously I walked the portion of the Hale neighborhood north of 52nd Street, so I focused on the south this day, starting and ending at the intersection of Chicago Avenue and 53rd Street. The light blue tint in the route map shows the full neighborhood. If you look closely, you’ll see I briefly left Hale at […]

Walking All the Streets in Southern Folwell

The Folwell neighborhood is named for Folwell Park in North Minneapolis, not Folwell School in South Minneapolis. (This means it is indirectly named for Folwell the park board president, not Folwell the University of Minnesota president—though they were one and the same person.) So the title “Southern Folwell” indicates not which Folwell I’m writing about, but rather which half of it […]

Walking All the Streets in Northern East Harriet

Gardens, artwork, and other points of interest gave me plenty to look at in the northern half of East Harriet, notwithstanding that I walked past far fewer residences than in the southern half. The two walks were of similar length (7.2 and 7.4 miles), but this second one circumnavigated a large area of cemetery and parkland. […]

Downtown East: Not Just a Stadium

Bank, bridge, book arts, bordello, and brewpub. Hotels and high-tech. Lofts and linseed oil. Mill ruins, museum, and medical clinics. Shelter, supportive housing, and sculptures. Theater and threshers. Downtown East has it all, from the 19th century to the 21st. And yes, one big indoor football stadium that has gotten a lot of attention surrounding […]

Corcoran, Day 2: Art and Businesses

My first day in Corcoran included everything north of 33rd Street as well as a few blocks of more southerly area near Hiawatha Avenue. For day 2, I filled in the remainder using a path that started and ended at the corner of 36th Street and Cedar Avenue, supplemented by a few spurs shown in red. I […]

Minneapolis themed artwork by Kevin Cannon

We Are Metro Transit: Snap a selfie before it’s too late!

In front of Minneapolis City Hall, some of my favorite things are currently on display: Minneapolis landmarks, public transportation, and selfies. “We Are Metro Transit” is a public art installation that will be temporarily displayed at Government Plaza Station from mid-October through mid-November. One side of the display features artwork depicting transportation and downtown Minneapolis […]

It Looks Like the Suburbs

September 25, 2015 Macalester-Groveland, Rondo (Lexington-Hamline), Frogtown 14.8 Miles I may be a bit of an anomaly as a bike rider because I am also a “car guy.” What I mean by that is I am fascinated by cars, and have been since I was a child. I still enjoy the introduction of new models, […]