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Top Metro Transit Bus Routes 2017

Sunday Summary – July 1, 2018

Welcome to July and beginning that post-solstice slide toward Fall (although the current heatwave makes that seem unlikely). Last week on streets.mn, the Minneapolis Comprehensive Plan update continues to figure prominently (there are about 3 weeks left for you to comment on the draft), plus some more good stuff: Minneapolis 2040, the Big Picture Sheldon […]

Ramsey County Highway 49 is Killing Rice Street

For more than a year, Ramsey County has been conducting a study to determine the best plan for the future of Rice Street–or, as Ramsey County highway engineers like to call it, Ramsey County Highway 49. We’ve had meetings, meetings, and still more meetings. At every turn the divides in the neighborhood seem to get […]

Sunday Summary – January 29, 2017

As we screech to the end of January, we have posts about upcoming projects giving you a chance to get involved as well as bigger inspiration about changing the world one bicycle at a time. For the first time, the streets.mn board has sent out an invitation to all of you to volunteer to join the […]

Map Monday: Saint Paul Streets Ranked for Road Diet Potential

I’ve been following the progress of erstwhile streets.mn commenter and cartographic wunderkind Al Davison via Twitter as he has been putting together a map project showing the road diet potential of Saint Paul’s 4-lane streets. This kind of map is a big deal given the increased conversation around pedestrian safety in Saint Paul. (See also today’s […]

The War on Pedestrians

Updated November 6, 2014* Many veterans have come back from Iraq and Afghanistan with permanent, disabling wounds. Many suffer head traumas from concussions or fractured skulls when vehicles they’re traveling in are blown up by Improvised Explosive Devices. Pedestrians and Cyclists in Saint Paul are also seeing combat type head traumas—like Sowinta Kay, age 20, who was […]