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The Plight of Transit in 2021

I used to post a Quarterly Transit report, but that stopped with the onset of the pandemic. There was little to report and it was bad news anyway. I confess to have been in mourning for the transit system I helped build during my Metro Transit career. The transit system is now about half of […]

Chart of the Day: US Transit Ridership Growth, 2002-2018

There’s a great chart-laden essay on Yonah Freemark’s “Transport Politic” blog that seeks to explain the reasons for the decline in transit (especially bus) ridership across the country. Here’s one of the charts that features the Minneapolis-Saint Paul metro:   Minneapolis is the red line, the second from the top. As you can see, transit […]

Chart of the Day: 2015 LRT Ridership (so far)

It’s 2015 this year, and the Green Line feels like the future to me. Lot’s of people are riding it. How many? Take a look: According to the Metro Transit blog, “September’s strong light-rail ridership can partly be attributed to special events. More than 193,000 light-rail rides were taken to home sporting events last month.” […]