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Self-Driving Minnesota Task Force

Self-Driving Vehicles for Minnesotans with Disabilities

The following organization may be of interest to streets.mn readers: On January 16th, over 50 people came to the Self-Driving Vehicles for Minnesotans with Disabilities kick-off event and explored how we might make self-driving vehicles accessible, reliable and affordable to many Minnesotans with disabilities. Representative Jason Isaacson (in person), and Senator Matt Schmit (by pre-recorded video) declared their support […]

Will Self-Driving Cars Solve Congestion?

Conventional wisdom seems to be that self-driving cars will do a lot to alleviate congestion. They will be able to interact with each other and the environment so that they can space themselves closer together, detect and reroute around congestion, and not cause crashes (which accounts for about a quarter of the existing congestion). However, […]

Electric and Autonomous Cars Are Not A Panacea

Next week is National Drive Electric Week 2015. On a fairly regular basis I hear a comment that autonomous and electric vehicles will solve a multitude of our worst transportation problems. Well, each will solve some problems. And create others. They’re far from a panacea, though. The personal benefits of Battery Electric Vehicles, BEV’s, are certainly […]