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Slippery Subject

I was at a retreat at Camp DuNord in Ely, MN this past weekend where outdoor activities were the focus. There was snowshoeing, cross country skiing, sauna-dipping, hiking, stargazing, and just plain old wandering in the wilderness. Fortunately, we had perfect outdoor activity weather – 30’s during the day, dipping down to the single sub-zero […]

Want to Build Community Spirit? Let it Snow!

My husband and I were not even married yet when a primary pet peeve of his revealed itself. He said we had to shovel our sidewalk “so the cement showed,” from edge to edge. I wrote it off as some masculine obsession, akin to wasting a lovely Sunday polishing a car, until I took up […]

Sunday Summary – February 14, 2016

It’s Valentine’s Day, but we won’t presume anything about how streets.mn readers celebrate, ignore or reject this holiday. However, we think this week’s (and every week’s) posts care passionately about some piece of the transportation and land use relationship and hope you’ll be inspired: Continuing conversations Several weeks ago, streets.mn published a preview and review […]

Shoveling is Hard Work

I walked to the grocery store on Sunday, pushing the jogging stroller all the way. I’m an able-bodied person and one of the things I like about taking the kid for a walk is that I get a greater appreciation for how others see the city: if you are mobility challenged, the winters must be full of […]