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Bus Stops May Be Greatest Hindrance to Winter Bus Riding

This February saw record-breaking snowfall in the Twin Cities area. As any Minneapolis resident could see — whether traveling by car, foot, bus or bike — our city’s infrastructure was not up to the challenge. That went double for the Metro Transit system, which needs all the support it can get these days. As a longtime reader […]

Snelling 94 Porkchop

Let’s Ban Slip Lanes in Saint Paul

Today I took the A Line rapid-transit bus south on Snelling, meaning to get off at University and catch the Green Line train. But I wasn’t paying attention and missed the stop at University. That meant I had to ride the bus all the way down to Marshall Avenue (which is about twice as far […]

Take the Crosswalk to Nowhere While You Still Can

  Over the years people in Minneapolis and Saint Paul have dubbed several dubious landmarks “Bridge to Nowhere” and “Skyway to Nowhere.” As fashionable nicknames and features of the cityscape, they come and go. But one such landmark has quietly persisted for decades: Minneapolis’s Crosswalk to Nowhere. You find it at the intersection of Main […]

Dangerous Intersection: Franklin Ave E and Chicago Ave S

UPDATE: Hennepin County will be updating the curb ramps at Franklin and Chicago as part of their ADA curb ramp project in 2021. The sidewalk bordering Peavey Park will be made ADA compliant as part of a Park board project. In 2017, the City of Minneapolis released its first pedestrian crash study, this study includes […]

Dangerous Intersection: Hennepin & 4th, 5th, & 6th Streets

[This post originally appeared on Our Streets Minneapolis blog as part of highlighting the most dangerous intersections Minneapolis. The author is Paul Jahn.] Below are photos from the intersection of Hennepin Ave and 4th Street N, 5th Street N, and 6th Street N. 4th street is the 17th most dangerous intersection for pedestrian in Minneapolis, 13 reported […]

Sunday Summary – April 22, 2018

It’s Earth Day! Earth Day is a great time to think about the kinds of places we want to live which are earth-friendly. Lots of information about walking, climate change, and big sustainability ideas this week: Walking Lots of walking-related posts this week! Enjoy our finally Spring-y weather and take some long urban walks with […]

Franklin Sidewalk at Park

Does ADA Even Apply to Sidewalks?

I live just off Franklin, and have regularly bussed and biked along it for decades. One day many years ago, I was surprised to see someone rolling down the east-bound traffic lane in a wheelchair. It was on that particularly harrowing section of Franklin between Portland and Chicago. I immediately wondered what was so wrong […]

Fall into the (Sidewalk) Gap

This isn’t a 1970’s commercial for GAP the clothing store.  Its the phenomenon pedestrians experience in certain parts of our city, especially the suburbs. This particular segment of missing sidewalk has a lot in common with other gaps in sidewalk networks. It falls in a “dead zone” between ajoining municipalities. Anoka to the northwest and […]