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Allianz Field – Pascal St (North of University Ave)

Biking to Allianz Field on Game Day – Part 1

April 13th, 2018 was the first real test of the transportation plan set forth for fans getting to Allianz Field. I didn’t attend the game, but I was curious how well the plan would actually work. I admit, I had my skepticism.   The Bicycle Routing Plan encouraged cyclists to use connect with Pascal St. […]

Illustration comparing a typical woman's pocket to a man's and if it can fit a woman's hand. Only 40% of women's pockets can while 100% of men's do.

Security Theater Doesn’t Help Anyone Other than Makers of Clear Bags

When you regularly walk, ride transit, bike, or use any combination of those modes, you often have stuff to carry with you, and a previous streets.mn post about packing for the walking + transit commute included robust discussion in the comments about needs and preferences for life outside a personal vehicle. Does the forecast include […]

Your MN United Midway Stadium Parking Explainer

Where will Minnesota United FC fans park? That question promises to be with us for a while. Brian Quarstad and Alex Schieferdecker examine where fans will park, and why Midway redevelopment the site plan doesn’t seem to provide it. “But what about the parking?” Brian: The question of parking is one we’ve seen a lot […]

Put the MLS Stadium on the Snelling-University Bus Barn Site

I don’t know about you all, but I was certainly starting to feel a teeny bit restless that someone somewhere wasn’t proposing dropping 9 digits of money on some quasi-public stadium in Minnesota. After all, we were on a clip there for a while where a new stadium was going up about every 3 years, […]

The Soccer Stadium Should Pay Taxes

A belated congratulations to our local soccer team for gaining admission into Major League Soccer. The Minnesota United FC are one of twelve professional sports teams based in the Twin Cities: Minnesota Twins Minnesota Vikings Minnesota Timberwolves Minnesota Wild St. Paul Saints Minnesota Lynx Minnesota Vixen Minnesota Swarm* Minnesota Machine Minnesota United FC** Minnesota Lady […]

Building A Mixed Use, Neighborhood Stadium

When I was a junior in college, I studied abroad in Oslo, Norway. I lived in a student housing village a distance away from campus, nearer to the vast woods in the city’s backyard than to the bustling center. The closest landmark to my flat was Ullevål Stadion, the national stadium and home to Vålerenga IF, the local […]