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Lynnhurst3 26

Walking All the Streets of Southeast Lynnhurst

Snow fell since my first and second walks in Lynnhurst, but it was still recognizably the same neighborhood with its predominance of single-family houses. The biggest novelty was that I walked along and across the main Minnehaha Creek as opposed to the little tributary draining Lake Harriet. My starting and ending point was at 50th Street West […]

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Walking All the Streets of Northeast Lynnhurst

A month after walking the northwest corner of Lynnhurst, I returned for the northeast. I again stayed north of 50th Street, a busy through-road one doesn’t lightly cross. This time I wound my way from Fremont Avenue to the neighborhood’s eastern boundary at Lyndale Avenue, then returned with a perpendicularly-oriented serpentine. Already from the prior day’s […]

Lynnhurst1 17

Walking All the Streets of Northwest Lynnhurst

Some parkland, a school, a church, a restaurant, and a whole bunch of single-family homes. That’s what I saw on my first day walking the Lynnhurst neighborhood. But also some fall colors, a statue, a solar-powered Little Free Library, and a whole bunch of pumpkins. The neighborhood is bounded by 46th and 54th Streets and […]

Linden Hills Street

Walking All the Streets of West-Central Linden Hills

The Linden Hills neighborhood’s residential and retail development has been influenced by everything from the early-20th-century trolley to the latest fashions. And all of that was evident to one degree or another as I walked the west-central portion of the neighborhood. The map shows the route’s main loop in blue, starting and ending at the intersection […]

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Walking All the Streets of Southern Linden Hills

I set out again from the 43rd and Upton/Sheridan commercial node, as I had on my second walk in Linden Hills. More specifically, I started at the point where Sheridan and Upton Avenues South merge together just north of 43rd Street West. On the route map, this starting point is indicated with a green marker from […]

Lake Harriet Bandshell

Walking All the Streets of East-Central Linden Hills

Many of Linden Hills’ most familiar sights lie close to Lake Harriet and roughly between 39th and 43rd Streets. Certainly that’s true for me as a resident of this area, but it applies even to outsiders who come for the recreational and shopping opportunities. Familiar or not, I was glad to spend a beautiful morning […]

Lindenhills1 03

Walking All the Streets of Northern Linden Hills

Southwest Minneapolis’s Linden Hills neighborhood spans from 36th to 47th Street, north to south, though the northern two blocks are largely missing, thanks to the Minikahda Club and Bde Maka Ska. In the route map, the full neighborhood is shown with a light blue tint, and the route for this first day is shown with the blue, red, […]

Kingfield3 12

Walking All the Streets of Southern King Field

Anyone who stuck with me through the first and second portions of the King Field neighborhood knows what is left: everything from approximately 43rd to 46th streets. The main loop (shown in blue) starts and ends at 46th Street West and Lyndale Avenue South. It is augmented by some back-and-forth spurs (shown in red) around the edges of the […]