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Tc Trolley Mural

Walking All the Streets of Northern King Field

Yes, I know the neighborhood’s name is normally written “Kingfield” with no space. But I’m going to stubbornly stick with using names from some anonymous Minneapolis bureaucrat’s list, so “King Field” it is. Either way, it memorializes William S. King. As shown by the blue shading in the route map, the neighborhood occupies a rectangular portion […]

Kenny Road Cloased Sign

Walking All the Streets of Kenny, Day 2

Editor’s note: Previously a weekly feature, starting today Max’s walks of Minneapolis will be appearing the first and third Fridays of each month. We hope you continue to be inspired by Max’s adventures! Minneapolis’s Kenny neighborhood is thoroughly residential, as I saw on my first visit. However, its border does include two commercial blocks of Lyndale […]

Kenny1 18

Walking All the Streets of Kenny, Day 1

Like the other neighborhoods south of 54th Street, Kenny was only annexed from Richfield in 1927, shortly before the Great Depression, and so much of its development dates from the postwar housing boom and has a suburban character. Other major influences are Grass Lake (a shallow wetland) and Minnesota 121 (the freeway connection to Lyndale Avenue), […]

School Ratings In Minneapolis

Southwest Minneapolis: Critical to Minneapolis 2040

Where do people want to live? The short answer: Minneapolis. Millennials don’t want to spend their lives inside cars, and older residents don’t want to be dependent on driving for simple tasks like getting groceries or picking up a few things at Target. People increasingly want to live near the amenities of a city as […]

Walking All the Streets of Southwestern Fulton

The fourth and final fraction of my fall Fulton fieldwork consisted of the quadrant to the south of 50th Street West and to the west of Xerxes Avenue South, as shown in the following route map. As usual, the red lines show forward-and-back spurs off of the main loop and the light blue tint shows the full […]

Walking All the Streets of Southeastern Fulton

One look at the route map below makes clear that the southeast quadrant of the Fulton neighborhood is heavily influenced by Minnehaha Creek, unlike the northwest and northeast portions I walked previously. Not that this accounts for all I saw. For example, this quadrant also turns out to be the land of the former gas stations. As usual, the […]

Walking All the Streets of Northeastern Fulton

The Fulton neighborhood’s northeast corner is in Lake Harriet. Rather than wait for the lake to freeze, I started on the shoreline path at 47th Street West. The dark blue lines in the following route map show the main loop I took back to that spot, aside from one detour I took around a temporarily […]

Walking All the Streets Of Fulton from Farmers to France

I confess, “from Farmers to France” is more alliterative than strictly accurate. I started immediately adjacent to the Fulton Farmers Market, but I devoted a few minutes to the environs before going into the market itself. And I returned there at the end of the walk, after France Avenue. The Fulton neighborhood in southwest Minneapolis extends […]

Walking All the Streets in Northern East Harriet

Gardens, artwork, and other points of interest gave me plenty to look at in the northern half of East Harriet, notwithstanding that I walked past far fewer residences than in the southern half. The two walks were of similar length (7.2 and 7.4 miles), but this second one circumnavigated a large area of cemetery and parkland. […]

Southern East Harriet

The East Harriet neighborhood is named for its position relative to Lake Harriet, and Lake Harriet is of course named for Harriet, but who is Harriet? I’m grateful to the Frontier Army Museum for making available the image of an oil painting, believed to be by John Wesley Jarvis circa 1815, from which I extracted this detail. Certainly […]