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Last Chance for Early-Bird Tickets for the streets.mn Fundraiser

Hey! The streets.mn Winter Fundraiser Party is back, is on December 5th (coming up!), and it is RAD this year. Don’t believe me? Well, for one thing, it’s in Saint Paul this time. But don’t worry too much, because it’s right on the Green Line. We’re hosting it at the Black Hart of Saint Paul […]

Minnesota Sunset, Winter

Support streets.mn: Give to the Max Day & More!

Winter is coming. So is Give to the Max Day, which will take place Thursday, November 15, 2018. We realize that Give to the Max Day is really noisy on social media, so we thought we’d lay out our case early here: streets.mn is a 501(c)3 non-profit, fully registered with state and federal tax authorities. Your […]

Buy Your Ticket Today for the streets.mn Winter Fundraiser Party!

In one week, streets.mn is throwing a fun party that you won’t want to miss. That’s right, it’s the Annual Streets Winter Fundraiser Festivity! There are lots of reasons why you should buy a ticket right now. For example, here are six (6!) unbeatable reasons. #1. Your ticket helps support streets.mn! Proceeds go to support […]

Come to the streets.mn Fundraiser – We Went to Costco For You!

Tonight is the annual streets.mn fundraiser and I would love to see many, if not all of you there. I want to see you all there because: -Metropolitan Council Chair Adam Duininck will be there and he is ~very~ dreamy. -The fundraiser is located in the central location of downtown Minneapolis with excellent access to LRT […]

Come for Scintillating Discussion, Stay for Great Beer

The 2nd annual awesome streets.mn wintertime fundraiser is this week and I hope you can come. There are at least two reasons you should come. First, we’ll be having an exciting special guest, Adam Duinick, the chair of the Metropolitan Council, the premiere regional government in the entire United States, who will be attending and […]

11 Reasons I’ll Attend Thursday’s Fundraiser

The streets.mn annual fundraiser party is coming up on December 1st! You’re invited to join the party (RSVP here) and in return, please do your part and donate. Here are a few reasons I donate – add yours in the comments: I love reading 46+ comment threads, especially the ones parsing “tax levies” and “tax rates,” parking […]

streets.mn 2016 Fundraiser: Save the Date!

Hello streets.mn community and friends! Since our humble beginnings in 2012, we’ve grown into an organization with over a hundred writers and thousands of readers across the state, region, and nation. Our mission has been to expand the conversation on land use and transportation issues in the Twin Cities and Greater Minnesota, and we hope […]


Meet Mexican urbanist Gustavo Gutiérrez next Wednesday, 22 June

Five years ago, Gustavo Gutiérrez was arrested for the infraction of riding his bicycle at night in his hometown of Aguascalientes, Mexico. Today, there are 25 new miles of bike lanes in Aguascalientes and a strong bicycle lobby whose members participate in local government and in the national bicycling movement. As an advocate for sustainable mobility, […]