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The 21st Century Southdale Vehicle Collapse

The perception that traffic congestion is worse today than in the past is a real phenomenon. Might as well call it traffic nostalgia. Plus, the perception that traffic is only going to get worse is a common objection for constructing new housing anywhere. A fourplex or daycare being proposed can bring forth primal concerns about […]

The Death of 4-Lane Death Roads

If you don’t know about Saint Paul’s Maryland Avenue, you really should. To catch up, take a look at these past Streets.MN articles: June 20, 2016 – Maryland Avenue Pedestrian Safety Meeting Recap May 19, 2017 – So Much Depends on the Next Six Weeks on Maryland Avenue July 12, 2017 – Maryland Avenue: The […]

Traffic and Transit: 1949 vs 2017

Going through some files recently, I came across a City of Minneapolis cordon count from 1948 and 1949. It shows how many people entered and left downtown on a single day in May. I also have a metro-wide traffic study from 1949, which happens to be the year I was born. Among other things, it […]

Maps of the Day: 10-Year Traffic Trends at MnDOT’s Automated Recorders

These maps show the 10-year traffic trends from 2003 to 2013 at MnDOT’s automatic traffic recorders (or ATR’s). The ATR’s, also called Continuous Traffic Recorders, are permanently installed at select locations on Minnesota highways (a mix of interstate, state highway, county highway, and local roads) and continuously measure traffic volumes 24/7. There are 91 locations […]

Chart of the Day: Interstate Highway volumes vs. Interstate Loading

This chart, from the Federal Highway Administration’s 2011 Highway Statistic series (most recent year available) shows the changes in both rural Interstate highway traffic volume and loading since 1970. Loading here refers to the weight of vehicles. The 2002 peak in volume is noted on the chart (Urban Interstates peaked in 2007 per FHWA figures), […]