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Chart of the Day: Shopkeepers Travel Mode Share Estimates (Bristol UK)

Alex Schieferdecker turned me onto an old Citylab article about parking perception versus parking reality called Four Reasons Retailers Don’t Need Free Parking. It cites a (hard to find) study out of the UK which charted perceived mode-share versus actual mode share for a shopping street in Bristol, UK (a medium-sized city in the Southwest, population 450K). Here’s the chart […]

Chart of the Day: Effectiveness vs Achievability of Pro-Bike Tactics

Check out this fabulous chart! It’s from a UK bike blog by Joe Dunckley called “At War With the Motorist,” and outlines what the author calls the “is it worth asking for” metric. Here you go: Obviously this is a subjective thing dealing with politics and opinions about systems change. Also, this particular chart relates […]