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Where Will They Park? A Video Series

A little more than a year ago, I was inspired to create what has been called “the definitive three-part [film] series about the people and culture of Saint Paul.” But the deep concerns about car storage that I explored in that series aren’t unique to Saint Paul. During the most recent meeting of the Minneapolis City Planning […]

New Karaoke Favorite – Roundabouts Explained in a Song

Listen to this song about roundabouts from streets.mn writer, Joe Totten. If you ever needed to know: 1) How to drive through a roundabout 2) Why roundabouts are seen as safer 3) Why roundabouts are seen as more environmentally friendly and reduce driver delays, or 4) Roundabout (neighborhood traffic circle) use in traffic calming, this […]

The Trolley Problem still

The Trolley Problem (video)

A neat, short, animated video explaining the trolley problem in the context of autonomous vehicles and military drones. A thought experiment in ethics. Vid for TED Ed → twitter.com/eoinduffy → fb.me/MrEoinDuffy DIRECTED BY Eoin Duffy WRITER Eleanor Nelsen AUDIO David Kamp – davidkamp.co ANIMATION: Eoin Duffy Tyler Morgan Super Dasil Mahesh Hovsepyan Karen Cooper Custom […]

A Norwegian State Railways train near the town of Støren on the line to Trondheim.

Lessons from Norway for Minnesota Passenger Rail

When talking about expanding passenger train service in Minnesota and other parts of the U.S., it’s common to be told that our area of the country has cities that are too small and spread out for it to ever work. Supposedly, only the Northeast and a few other heavily-populated areas have the population and travel […]

What it Means to be Urban in Rochester

“Cities resemble lovers, offering allure, annoyance, and late-night availability.” -Emilie Buchwald I am a self-described urbanist. I grew up in a city, I have lived near city centers, and I have relished in the urban renaissance being experienced across the United States.  Here in Rochester, Minnesota I have been a passionate advocate for grassroots long-range […]

Late Show with Stephen Colbert Intro

Have you seen the new Late Show with Stephen Colbert? In general, would recommend, he’s managed to keep the same general sense of humor from The Colbert Report but with a more serious bent. He’s a great interviewer. But most importantly, check out the intro video: That’s the best! Love that tilt-shift, it’s like the […]

Image from the documentary from 1972. The streets are dominated by cars and there is not a tree in sight.

De Pijp, Amsterdam 1972

Here’s a very inspirational clip from a TV documentary film about a group of children in Amsterdam organizing to create a car-free play street in their neighborhood. More info here. Can you imagine children doing this in a Minnesota city or town?

Two wheelchairs being videotaped on broken sidewalk

Getting to the Green Line: Seen through the Lens of a Wheelchair User

No, I’m not in a wheelchair, but I’ve spent time walking alongside people who are, as we tested out walking and rolling routes to a couple of the Green Line stations. For me, and others who walk every day, the wheelchair user’s view offers a new lens that focuses on the challenges facing people who […]

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We Bicycle St. Paul

Last year I worked with St. Paul Women on Bikes to produce a series of short videos looking at why “We Bicycle St. Paul.” These three videos explore why people bike in St. Paul, what would make riding a bike easier, and the role of bike infrastructure in safety and economic development. Why Bike? (Embedded above.) St. […]