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Sunday Summary – May 5, 2019

Welcome to May!  Go outside!  Go to what might be the last Heart of the Beast Puppet Theater May Day Parade in Powderhorn Park. Ride your bike (it’s Bike Month!)! Policy problems and solutions Janne Flisrand follows her TIF explainer post last week with How TIF Can Solve a Market Failure in Minneapolis.  This defense […]

Walking West River Parkway

Walking West River Parkway

West River Parkway can be an ideal route to walk, bike, or drive. The speed limit is 25 mph with mostly proper bike and walk lanes, safe crossing and even some zebra stripes. Yesterday with the mobile and Google Maps and Reviews in pocket I strolled up and down the downtown part of it to […]

Survey Results: Two-Thirds Use West River Parkway for Bicycling

Interim survey results released today by the Minneapolis Park Board regarding repair of West River Parkway show that 65% of respondents use the parkway for bicycling.  Concerns remain that the board hasn’t found a way to keep the bike trail on the 100 yard section open during this summer and fall’s construction. A mudslide closed […]

Muckraking on West River Parkway

A lot of magic can happen in nine months: A woman can create life. A child can pass through puberty (well, sort of). A Vikings team can win a Super Bowl. But to make West River Parkway safe again for traffic? Unfortunately it will take well over a year. It wasn’t originally supposed to be so. […]